By Taelor Connell
September 7, 2021

Edmond community welcomes First United Bank

First United Bank has officially opened in Edmond, and they are excited to connect with people within the community.

Edmond residents had the opportunity to support First United Bank at its grand opening on July 15th. Among the event’s attendees was First United President of Oklahoma City and Edmond Markets Glen McCall. McCall said the goal of the event was to show support for the Edmond community.

“The idea is that we wanted to let the city of Edmond know that we are there for them and that, I think, really demonstrates who we are as an organization,” McCall said. “The idea is to make as much impact as we possibly can.”

Glen McCall with First United prepares to cut the ribbon (Photo: Edmond Chamber)

First United hosted four consecutive weeks of events leading up to the final opening. These events gave Edmond residents a chance to visit the bank and meet employees of First United. Each event had a theme that represented First United’s four pillars: faith, health and wellness, financial well-being, and personal growth. Events included a blood drive, financial literacy class, CPR class, shred fest, pet adoption, and many more. The final grand opening had employees welcoming attendees with games, tours, door prizes, and a food truck.

“When we have a grand opening, we like to lead up with weeks of events, in this case, four weeks, that we can celebrate each of those pillars,” McCall said. “We had a really good turnout out and just a really fantastic event and opportunity to showcase what we do at the bank.”

First United’s Director of Community Outreach & Executive Banking Erica Rixen also showed up to highlight the pillars at the grand opening events.

“We just wanted to make sure the community knows what makes First United different by focusing on our community involvement, pillars, and faith,” Rixen said. “It was a diverse and really busy four weeks, but it was a lot of fun.”

In addition to the bank’s grand opening events, McCall said First United plans to continue to impact Edmond by supporting neighboring businesses.

“All the things we are going to do in Edmond are going to support local without a doubt,” McCall said. “That includes everything from catering a lunch that we may have a business meeting that we have to do, to looking at our vendors, all those things. We make every effort to go local when we can because that’s who we are.”

First United’s new location has a “Spend Life Wisely” lobby, which has free resources that relate to each of the pillars such as piggy banks, books, and other items. Rixen urges people to visit the new location to check out the open lobby and looks forward to connecting with those in the Edmond community.

“We’re just happy to be finally in Edmond. It’s been a goal to meet more people in the community,” Rixen said.

Local residents can visit First United at its new location on Boulevard during normal business hours.

A group of Edmond residents networking at the grand opening of First United (Photo: Edmond Chamber)

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