By Tina Evans
September 21, 2021

Alliant HR Outsourcing helps businesses

Alliant HR Outsourcing gets a front-row seat in watching business professionals grow.

Caleb Martin, founder and CEO of Alliant HR Outsourcing, created his business out of the desire to be more involved with his clients. He worked for a national payroll company for four years in sales before deciding to start his own service-based company just before Thanksgiving in 2012.

“My desire for entrepreneurs and business owners to succeed was born out of working with them so closely for years that I wanted to explore other ways that I could help them in addition to payroll,” said Martin. “It was obvious that they needed help creating and executing a plan with their employees, so that was why we pursued the idea for outsourced human resource expertise.”

For the first two years, Martin’s company focused on the payroll. He would sell it and do the payroll process himself. It was in 2014 when he moved into the outsourced HR solution.

“I had an appointment with a local Edmond company who had about 40 employees. I made a proposal to them for our outsourced HR solution, and lo and behold, they said yes!” said Martin. “I should have been celebrating as they were far and away from our largest revenue client at the time, but I was literally in a cold sweat thinking, ‘Oh no, now I have to figure out how to take care of them.’” Martin figured out how to provide for that company which, still to this day, is one of his greatest clients.

Caleb Martin with Alliant HR in a meeting (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

“You don’t think about moments like that when you start your company because it’s all going to be rainbows and sunshine,” remembers Martin.

He understands that business owners can struggle with creating systems and processes that help them win their employees. His mission is to eliminate business owners’ frustrations with their people processes so they can protect and grow their business.

Martin hired his first employee in 2015, and today has a staff of 12, including two partners. “We have a fantastic team of professionals. They are devoted to their discipline, and they love taking great care of our clients. I truly enjoy being around all of them,” boasts Martin. “We love to laugh and have fun! If you’re not into sarcasm, you might not do well at our company.”

Martin’s favorite part of his business is the people—staff and clients. “Alliant was started to help entrepreneurs protect and grow their businesses, and we all still get excited about doing exactly that. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing about the unique paths they have taken on their journey as business owners. It is incredible to me to hear about all the different types of businesses and people who have decided to leap out on their own.”

Alliant HR Outsourcing offers four main solutions: payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration, and human resources. The staff’s approach with clients is to streamline all the processes so they are easily repeatable and memorable.

“There are so many things that business owners need, and it is challenging to simplify the complex work that we do,” said Martin. “Any service that we have created and taken to our market, we know that we are solving problems and taking care of our clients. I know that our clients are getting great services from skilled professionals who care about the well-being of our clients.”

Martin was initially skeptical that COVID would significantly change the way they did business. However, after being out of the office for a few months last year, they were forced to consider how to work remotely with both their employees and clients. Through technology, they were able to shorten their timeline with clients, which continued their delivery of providing their services at a high level while being out of the office. Today, they continue to make better use of the technology, which is increasing their level of services for their growing clients.

Martin is proud to live and work in Edmond. Alliant is located inside the Railyard, so they have a front-row seat to watching the continued growth happen around them. They have a mission to serve the Edmond community, so they provide some complimentary services to nonprofits and plan to link their employees with volunteer opportunities with their preferred ministry or organization.

“I know how much entrepreneurs risk when they go out on their own and how much they continue to risk as their businesses grow. Sometimes people think that business owners are lucky or that they have an easy life, but I have had hundreds of conversations with clients over the years, and I know how much they sacrifice for their employees. At Alliant, we want to be the company that helps them take great care of their business and their employees,” says Martin.

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