By Tim Priebe
July 20, 2021

Edmond Fine Arts Institute enhances quality of life

The Edmond Fine Arts Institute offers educational enrichment in visual and performing arts.

Nestled in downtown Edmond, the Fine Arts Institute has offered educational enrichment in visual and performing arts since 1985. FAI offers quality art experiences in a way that educates both adults and children.

Four mothers kicked things off

Back in 1985, four Edmond-area mothers watched their daughters at a gymnastics meet and began to talk among themselves. “They noticed a lack of arts activities for their children,” Executive Director Shannon Price shared.

Nancy Effron, June McCoy, Gae Rees, and Bonnie Smith started FAI in 1985. “They taught art and music in one classroom at an Edmond church,” Price shared. “Art supplies were kept in the trunks of their cars!”

That first year they had 137 students. Fast forward to the current day, and FAI serves nearly 4,500 students each year.

Edmond loves the arts

Shannon Price, Executive Director, stands in the main hall of the Edmond Fine Arts Institute (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Certainly, Edmond has a reputation for being an arts-friendly community, and the Fine Arts Institute has played a significant role in that reputation. Art covers the walls of the main hall. Any given month, you can see paintings, drawings, clay pots, and rotating art galleries.

“Families want to live in a place that features diverse artistic avenues,” Price shared. “In celebrating the individual and creativity, we are inclusive to all people.”

The educational experiences FAI offers cover just as wide a range as their main hall. “You have your choice of oil painting, jewelry making, mask making, sculpting… we’ve got it all!” Price said.

Partnering with others for success

A big part of the success of the Fine Arts Institute has been its partnerships with other organizations.

FAI partners with Edmond Public Schools to bring art to third and fourth graders by the institute’s instructors. They also provide art as therapy at Pepper’s Ranch.

Other partnerships include the Edmond juvenile court system, the City of Edmond, the Downtown Edmond Business Association, the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce, and multiple foundations, sponsors, and individuals who support the FAI.

Shannon Price’s involvement

A former Putnam City art teacher, Price first became involved with the Fine Arts Institute in June 1994, when she began serving as the Special Event Coordinator and an instructor. In September 2011, she transitioned to Assistant Director.

In 2013, the prior Executive Director retired. Mitzi Hancuff had served for twenty-five years and is the namesake of the FAI’s park, Mitzi Park. “I’m grateful for Mitzi’s vision and leadership,” Price said.

When Hancuff retired, Price stepped into the role of Executive Director. She has served in that role since May 2013.

Price’s enthusiasm is immediately evident to anyone who meets her through her energy and excitement. She is a big believer in the mission of the Fine Arts Institute. “Through the arts,” she said, “we’re enhancing the quality of life. Children and adults feel good when they are creative and inspired by art.”

Shannon Price is the Executive Director at the Edmond Fine Arts Institute (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

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