By Josh Watson
June 1, 2021

Oklahoma Christian University lowers tuition

Oklahoma Christian University decided to lower tuition fees, including the fees for its MBA program.

Oklahoma Christian University (OC) recently announced it is going against the trend of rising tuition for graduate business degrees like a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Accounting. According to OC, citing a nonprofit AccessLex Institute study, the cost of graduate and professional school has steadily increased since the 1990s. Instead, following the COVID-19 pandemic, OC chose to lower prices.

Even before lowering prices, OC claimed it offered one of the most affordable and ranked MBA programs in Oklahoma City. The university hopes the lower cost will make its advanced degree programs accessible to more people. The savings start with $40 less per hour of tuition compared to last year with books included and zero general fees. Oklahoma Christian University chose to include books to help students who receive employer reimbursement benefits that typically only cover the cost of tuition.

According to Dr. Burt Smith, professor of marketing and management at OC, “This decision gives more people the opportunity to get a practical business education rooted in Christian values. We’re confident even more people can benefit from what we think is a great degree.”

In addition, OC’s new tuition rates are the same for domestic and international students. International students must apply for visas, submit forms, gain approval from embassies, and work through the complexities of studying in a foreign country. OC’s international specialists help international students throughout their educational experience, and the university is one of the few that does not pass the cost on to students. Students from different countries and cultures enrich the OC campus by offering a variety of insights and perspectives.

According to Oklahoma Christian University, all current and future graduate students who are pursuing a Master of Science in engineering, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Science in computer science, or a Master of Accounting will see lower tuition, the elimination of fees, and the inclusion of books. The degrees offered by the Graduate School of Theology will maintain the already discounted prices offered to students who pursue Christian ministry.

The previous per-hour tuition at OC for graduate degrees was $625, but it will now be $585. Oklahoma Christian University also eliminated its technology and online fees. To learn more, visit their website here.

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About Josh Watson

Josh Watson is a freelance writer, public relations consultant, and tenured associate professor of communication at Oklahoma Christian University. He advises OC’s student-run PR firm, Eagle PR, and the university’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter. Previously, he worked on award-winning state and national campaigns at McNeely Pigott & Fox in Nashville, one of the nation's top independent PR firms. Dr. Watson has helped his students earn numerous awards and recognitions, especially in national campaign competitions. His wife, Chara, teaches speech and theater at Oklahoma Christian Academy, where their four children attend.