By Kaitlyn Willis
March 2, 2021

Edmond business owner awards scholarship to local nonprofit

The STEAM Engine is the recipient of a scholarship worth $65,000 from Sandler Training of Oklahoma.

Sandler Training is an international training and development organization with local operations in Oklahoma City. The company is giving The STEAM Engine, a nonprofit organization in Oklahoma, a scholarship worth $65,000 of professional development training. The scholarship includes consulting, coaching, and training.

Morgan Jones, the founder of The STEAM Engine (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

The STEAM Engine was founded six months before the pandemic set in, and it has had to adjust operations and fundraising efforts differently than traditional nonprofits. The STEAM Engine provides out-of-school STEM and Arts programs for youth between the ages of 8 and 13. Some of the 2021 programs help students develop self-confidence and modern skills to pursue STEM educations and careers. These programs are offered to students at no cost, thanks to community organizations and STEM professionals that partner with The STEAM Engine.

Morgan Jones, founder and executive director of The STEAM Engine, is a licensed architect who knows how it feels to look around the room of a male-dominated field and be the odd one out.

“I was fortunate to have access to many extracurricular opportunities where I was able to explore my interests and develop valuable skills like collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving,” Jones said. “I also know that not everyone has access to those same opportunities. It’s now my chance and responsibility to be able to offer those opportunities to students across Oklahoma.”

Because of Sandler Training, The STEAM Engine will be able to serve more students across the state.

Mike Crandall (Photo provided)

Mike Crandall, an Edmond resident, columnist for Edmond Business, and principal and founder at Sandler Training in Oklahoma City, recognizes the importance of nonprofits in the Edmond and Oklahoma City communities.

“Nonprofits give so much to the community and work hard to help others,” Crandall said. “We are honored to give this scholarship to The STEAM Engine in support of helping Oklahoma youth. We are excited to work closely with them to help them grow.”

To learn more about The Steam Engine, follow the organization on LinkedIn and Facebook or sign up for their newsletter at their website.

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