By Josh Watson
July 21, 2020

Face covering signs required in Edmond businesses

The Edmond City Council now requires businesses to post COVID-19 signs about face coverings.

The City Council issued an Amended Declaration of Emergency last week. New limitations seek to combat the community spread of COVID-19 through Aug. 3.

In an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in Edmond, the City Council now requires businesses to post COVID-19 signs about face coverings at all entrances and stagger seating to enable social distancing; food service employees are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings as well. 

These changes were announced in an amendment last week to the city’s Declaration of Emergency in place since June 15. The amended Declaration of Emergency, that will last through at least Aug. 3, is subject to further change by the City Council at future scheduled, special or emergency meetings.

The following changes build upon previous community measures to help combat the spread of COVID-19 in Edmond:

  • All businesses open to the public are required to post conspicuous signs by July 20 at all entrances to inform all customers, users and visitors of the business’ policies and practices regarding face coverings/masks for their employees, as well as any requirements for customers, users and visitors. A simple template is available at, or businesses can use a custom design. Businesses are also encouraged to work with disabled and special needs customers as needed related to communicating safety measures.
  • All on-premise staff in restaurants, breweries, wineries, taverns, shopping mall food courts, food halls, cafeterias, bars, night clubs and any other food service are strongly encouraged to wear facial masks or coverings while on duty.
  • All breweries, wineries, bars, including taverns, night clubs and other similar drinking establishments shall offer indoor seating in a staggered manner so that customer groups are socially distanced, and to avoid standing.
  • Businesses with theater-style seating where persons gather for presentation or entertainment shall offer seating in a staggered manner so that customer groups are socially distanced. These businesses include, but are not limited to, movie and live theaters, concert halls, sporting venues, amusement parks, places of worship, wedding venues, event venues, and funeral homes.

All Edmond citizens should continue taking extra measures to put a physical distance of six feet between themselves and other people, wash hands regularly and stay updated on information available through the Oklahoma City-County Health Department, the Oklahoma State Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control.

It is anticipated that Edmond residents will voluntarily comply with the regulations that have been put into place. In the event that there is concern of non-compliance in Edmond, citizens can contact the City of Edmond Community Image Department at 405-359-4793.

For the latest COVID-19 information on local regulations, building closures, additional cancellations and access to resources from Edmond health partners, visit

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