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Phil is an Edmond native and has managed to keep his wife here instead of traveling the world, which they both enjoy. They have two boys who love the outdoors, adventures, and learning new things. Phil is a problem-solver at heart and enjoys connecting people to the resources they need.

In addition to being the co-owner of Edmond Business, Phil founded the CK Group LLC after working for large and small businesses in the Energy, Construction, and Fitness industries. He focuses on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their systems and processes. CK Group LLC's mission is to eliminate chaos and create clarity for small business by connecting vision, strategy, and implementation.

Focus on the most pressing need in your business with Fix This Next

By Phil Klutts | November 10, 2020

Fix This Next By Mike Michalowicz Mike Michalowicz has written another fantastic book for business owners. He is a proven entrepreneur, starting and growing multiple businesses, and writes practical books to benefit other owners. In his latest book, Fix This Next, Michalowicz combines his experience into a new framework that addresses problems in any type…

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The business of Christmas lights

By Phil Klutts | November 3, 2020

Hanging Christmas lights is a chore for many residents and businesses. Most people don’t hang off roofs or climb ladders for fun. Luckily for Edmond residents, a host of companies accept the risks that come with heights, electricity, and Oklahoma weather to spread holiday joy. Crews began hanging Christmas lights on commercial buildings in the…

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Radical Candor identifies skills needed to excel at being the boss

By Phil Klutts | October 13, 2020

I forgot how much I like this book. Published in 2017, Radical Candor was recommended to me by a colleague two years ago. I read it then and started applying some of the mindsets and tactics. When I picked up the book to begin reviewing my notes and start reading it again, I was reminded of the wisdom included and found more nuggets that I missed the first time.

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Work The System offers advice to improve your business

By Phil Klutts | September 8, 2020

Work The System By Sam Carpenter, published in 2008 There are a few books that come across your desk that change your perspective and impact you more than others. Work The System, by Sam Carpenter, is one of those books for me. It was recommended to me four years ago from a business coach at…

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Building A StoryBrand guides you to better marketing

By Phil Klutts | August 11, 2020

Building a StoryBrand By Donald Miller If you don’t know Donald Miller as the CEO of StoryBrand, a marketing consultancy, then you might remember him as the bestselling author of the books Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. The ideas and life journey he shares in those two books are…

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Never Split The Difference offers practical advice from a top negotiator

By Phil Klutts | July 14, 2020

This book has been my most gifted and recommended book over the past few years. Chris Voss is a former top negotiator for the FBI’s hostage team and has since transitioned into the business world and serves as a professor and lecturer at a few of the nation’s top business schools.

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The Motive examines different leadership styles

By Phil Klutts | June 9, 2020

Lencioni writes a fable that puts you in the middle of a story where you can’t help but connect your own experiences with that of the main character.

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