By Mike Crandall
November 23, 2021

Improving your BATing average

In both business and life, we can control three things: our behavior, attitude, and technique.
Frustrated CEO

Often times in business (and in life), we work on the wrong end of the problem. Frequently, we put time, energy, and money into things that truly will not fix the issue we are trying to resolve. This is far more common than most people realize, especially in the business world.

Recently, I was visiting with the CEO of a business with about 100 employees. She was sharing how they have had a continual issue with communication on the leadership team. As I asked questions, she shared that they brought in several different trainers and coaches who specialize in communication, teamwork, and culture, and how each was very well received. However, nothing actually changed in their organization, and communication did not get any better.

As I continued to probe, it became obvious to each of us the issue. All of the training they had done was focused on techniques for communication improvement, but they missed the ability to connect to behavior change, attitude transformation, and how to do the things being discussed.

As I drew some notes about this on a sheet of paper and shared how these disconnects create frustration, anxiety, and often anger around the lack of progress, she became very quiet and started to look pale. When I asked why, she asked, “How have I been in business for my entire career, and the CEO of this organization for over 15 years, and NOT known this?”

In life, we can truly only control three things: our behavior, attitude, and technique. If we are not careful, we can easily put time, energy, and money into working on the wrong things.

  • Behavior: what and how you do things, and the goals, plans, and action taken each day, week, etc.
  • Attitude: mindset and belief structure about yourself, company, industry, and the world around you.
  • Technique: execution and implementation of said things.

The vast majority of training, development, and coaching focuses on technique alone and misses the ability to connect and modify the behavior and attitude of the recipients. This leads to frustration by the leaders who made the investment because everyone got great information; however, they did little (if anything) with the information.

This simple concept is one most miss, as we like to race to the answer without slowing down and ensuring we understand the real issue. We can give people technique training easily and quickly; however, unless we connect it to their behaviors and attitudes, we are wasting their time and ours.

Now let me ask, how sure are you that you are working on the right end of the problem? How often do you get frustrated by people not doing what they should, or doing it how they should do it? How much does that cost your organization? How much does that cost you? If you don’t know or don’t like the answers, find a business growth consultant who can help.

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