By Tessa Rylant
August 31, 2021

TFCU CEO announces retirement

CEO Michael D. Kloiber is retiring after 25 years, and his colleagues have a lot to say about his hard work and dedication throughout his career.
Michael D. Kloiber, CEO of TFCU, retires August 31, 2021 (Photo: <a href="">Brent Fuchs</a>)

You may never get to know the people who work to protect the money you make, and you may not know how they do this, but there are some who work hard for you and your family’s assets, and they do it as their career.

After over 25 years as the CEO of Tinker Federal Credit Union (TFCU), Michael D. Kloiber will retire on August 31, 2021. Mike has worked tirelessly since joining TFCU in 1988 to expand the company from 11 to 32 branches. Mike led TFCU, the largest credit union in Oklahoma, through technological advances like websites, social media, online account access, and more.

Mike is a passionate advocate of the credit union movement and is a steadfast supporter of the defense community. Under Mike’s leadership, TFCU has been a strong supporter of Tinker Air Force Base and Vance Air Force Base. Mike and his staff have worked to help meet the special needs of military personnel, meeting TFCU’s philosophy, “Not for profit but for service.”

A native Oklahoman born in Tulsa and raised in Oklahoma City, Mike graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) in Edmond with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Business Administration degree. While teaching school and completing his master’s degree, Mike picked up a job sweeping the drive-through on the weekends at a local bank. This sparked his interest in the financial industry. Apparently, the leadership at the bank saw the potential in the man behind the broom!

Retiring and handing things over to Edmond resident Dave Willis

Mike is retiring with more than 43 years of financial industry work experience with previous TFCU positions of senior vice president/chief operations officer and vice president of branch operations. Mike became known nationally for his dedication to and work in the credit union field.

Incoming TFCU President & CEO and Edmond resident Dave Willis said, “It’s the end of an era. Mike has led TFCU through a quarter-century of unprecedented growth and innovation. Along the way, he has dedicated his service to not only TFCU but also the entire credit union movement in Oklahoma and nationwide. He has served on, and chaired, pretty much every credit union trade association board there is. That’s on top of his work with so many community organizations and chambers of commerce.”

“They say that people don’t leave a job because of pay or dissatisfaction with the work, but because of the boss,” said Dave. “So, it’s a testament to Mike’s leadership that the average tenure of his management team is more than 20 years. I have big shoes to fill.”

Better Business Bureau serving Central Oklahoma

Michael D. Kloiber, CEO of TFCU, is retiring August 31, 2021 (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Outside of the office, Mike served at Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Central Oklahoma as a board of directors member and former board chair. As a BBB board member since January 1993, Mike helped steer BBB toward a more successful and sustainable future. He contributed to the board’s assurance that BBB is following and acting in accordance to the standards of trust, mission, and vision set by the International Association of Better Business Bureaus.

During his time serving BBB, Mike has served in every capacity on the company’s board of directors, including secretary, treasurer, vice-chair, chairman, and immediate past chair. He has worked with three BBB CEOs over the years.

Mike stated, “It has been a distinct honor to serve for almost three decades on the board of the organization that is tasked to ensure that businesses are operating ethically and responsibly. The BBB is the watchdog for consumers, and they take their mission very seriously.”

Current BBB serving Central Oklahoma CEO Kitt Letcher said of Mike’s tenure with BBB, “Mike has been a tremendous advocate for BBB and its accredited businesses. Having a board member like Mike, who exemplifies the standards to which we hold all business owners, speaks volumes for him personally and Tinker Federal Credit Union.”

“Mike has been a trusted advisor and someone that I know has our organization’s best interests at heart, but most importantly, the interest of our entire community,” said Kitt. “Mike is someone who leads by example and voices his perspective gained from serving on the board since 1993. He has seen BBB through good times and difficult times and helped keep our organization to navigate difficult but necessary decisions. I will miss his steadfast commitment to excellence that he brings to our organization and friendly demeanor that is always available as a mentor.”

When we asked Mike how he’d sum up his experiences and accomplishments, he said, “I have had the privilege to serve with some of the best professionals anywhere. I know they will continue to uphold the standards of the organization.” He also shared his most memorable professional experience.

“During my tenure as the chairman, we saw the bureau through a very difficult period in our history. The good news is that we came out stronger and better than ever. Kitt continues that evolution with a fresh new look to our building and the development of a very professional staff.”

TFCU duties and other service

As TFCU President/CEO, Mike has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of the credit union. He is charged with working closely with the Volunteer Board of Directors and the senior management team to ensure TFCU offers both efficient electronic and personal services to its members.

Mike led TFCU through an expansion from 11 to 32 branches and many technological changes since joining the TFCU team in 1988. TFCU is a financial cooperative, and Mike’s civil and professional service are a testament to TFCU’s philosophy. He demonstrates that important leadership quality is recognizing and giving credit to the credit union team that made him look so great over the years.

Mike also served on the board of directors for Credit Union Shared Service Centers, Inc. of Oklahoma, Defense Credit Union Council, Midwest Defense Credit Union Credit Sub Council, and many more.

Mike’s commitment to the community & the credit union movement:

  • Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma, Board of Directors (past Board Chair for four years)
  • Credit Union Shared Service Centers, Inc. of Oklahoma, Board of Directors (past Board Chair for two years)
  • Defense Credit Union Council, a national trade association, Board of Directors (Board Chair)
  • Midwest Defense Credit Union Credit Sub Council, Board of Directors (Vice Chair)
  • Board President, Oklahoma City Council, Navy League of the United States, Board of Directors (President for four years)
  • Midwest City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors (past Board President for three years)
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma City, Board of Directors (Chair)
  • Cornerstone Credit Union League (Regional Trade Association), Board of Directors (Past Chair for two years)
  • CU Resources, Inc., Board of Directors (Past Chair)
  • Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation, Board of Directors
  • University of Central Oklahoma’s Foundation Board (nine years)
  • Thrift Institutions Advisory Council for Chairman Bernanke and Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve Bank (2010)
  • Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council for Chairman Bernanke and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank, Washington DC (2011 & 2012)
  • Credit Union Association of Oklahoma, Board of Directors (past Board Chair for five years)
  • Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • South Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • Midwest City Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • Del City Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • Moore Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • Edmond Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma City, Member
  • Credit Union Executive Society, Member
  • Oklahoma Credit Union Executives, Member
  • Team Tinker Home Away From Home Foundation (First Term Airmen Host Family Program), Co-Founder and Host Family
  • Air Force Association, Member

In his retirement, Mike plans to continue his legacy of service by staying involved with several local chambers and the Oklahoma City Navy League. He is most looking forward to a more open personal schedule for neglected hobbies and projects and more time with his wonderful wife, his number one supporter, Pam.

On behalf of BBB serving Central Oklahoma, Edmond, and the greater Oklahoma City community, we thank Mike for his service and support and wish him well as he enters the new stage of retirement. Congratulations!

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