By Jackie Bell
June 1, 2021

Health Nut’s innovative new service

Health Nut Cafe CEO Cody Pepper recently partnered with Staci Patton, a certified health coach, to create Health Nut Coaching.
Cody Pepper, CEO of Health Nut Cafe in Edmond (Photo: <a href="">Brent Fuchs</a>)

If you’ve ever found yourself too tired or busy to cook, you aren’t alone! Taking the time to plan and cook healthy meals can be difficult—and costly. Thankfully, Health Nut Cafe in Edmond and around OKC offers a healthy, affordable alternative to fast food. Recently Health Nut Cafe CEO Cody Pepper partnered with Staci Patton, a certified health coach, to create Health Nut Coaching.

Both Cody and Staci are excited about this new journey. In order to grow Health Nut Cafe, Cody wanted to take another step toward helping others live a healthier lifestyle, and that’s when he met Staci.

“This is exciting,” Cody shared. “In the last few months, Health Nut Cafe has been working with Staci. We’ve been working to internally do an ingredient audit. In doing that, Staci helped us understand that there might be a need out there for our customers.”

“We started collaborating over the course of a few months,” Staci added, “and we wanted to figure out how to make it easier for people—how do we make this actually happen and provide solutions to at least have one healthy meal a day. We created a food subscription program together, and the one-on-one coaching, knowledge, and exploration for clients is to help them explore for themselves what healthy means.”

The true meaning of health

Staci Patton is partnering with Health Nut Cafe to provide health coaching (Photo Provided)

Health Nut Coaching plays a huge role in helping others live a healthier lifestyle, but it’s much more than just coaching. Because everyone’s life, eating habits, culture, and more are all things that factor into their health today. With Health Nut Coaching, Staci focuses on personalization, taking a look at each person’s journey to help them define what healthy should be.

“Our life affects what our health looks like. How is work? How is your social life? What’s going on with your family and relationships? All of those different pieces of the puzzle really play into your overall health,” said Staci.

When asked if physical activity is included with coaching, she said it’s a huge part of it, but not everyone likes to go to the gym; there are other ways to incorporate exercise into people’s daily lives. Because everyone’s physical body is different, as well as their mental health, and Staci focuses on figuring out what people enjoy doing, then builds that into their plan.

Your mental and physical health both have an impact on your overall health, so rather than focusing on one or the other, Staci looks at both aspects to create a personalized plan for each person. “There’s no ‘one size fits all’ way to be healthy,” Staci shared.

Keeping health simple

One of many healthy meal options available from Health Nut Cafe (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

With Health Nut Coaching, you can combine weekly food subscriptions with one-on-one coaching to be a true health nut. You do not have to do both at once. According to Staci, most people will start with the food subscription first to get a feel for it before signing up for health coaching. You can choose between two subscription plans: three meals a week or five meals a week. If you sign up for three or five meals a week for a month, any extra meals you order will be 10% off. “We want to make the process as simple as possible,” said Staci.

Cody added, “We had done a survey among many of our members. They said the reason they came back to Health Nut is it was so convenient. Time was an essential piece. They were busy.” Keeping it simple has allowed them to keep it convenient.

“We know there are other programs that aren’t necessarily built here, but it’s so nice having something that is local, I really enjoy getting on the phone and having conversations with people about their life and health in general, and why they are interested in the subscription and coaching,” said Staci.

Health Nut Coaching has successfully begun, and Staci has been enjoying the calls and conversations to help people become their own health nut.

Want to be a health nut?

Although there are different locations for Health Nut Cafe in the Oklahoma City Metro, Health Nut Coaching is open to anyone, anywhere. People can choose to meet one-on-one with Staci virtually through Zoom, in person, or even on the phone.

If you’re interested in signing up for the food subscription or coaching, you can find everything you need here, including their menu. The health nut team looks forward to helping people live a healthier lifestyle with affordable, healthy meals and coaching. It’s time to start your healthy journey!

Cody Pepper, CEO of Health Nut Cafe in Edmond (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

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