By Phil Klutts
May 11, 2021

Lessons from “The 7 Gears of Business”

In The 7 Gears of Business, the author conveys many of the lessons he has learned over years of starting, running, and selling businesses.
The 7 Gears of Business on couch

The 7 Gears of Business

By Chris McIntire

Local author Chris McIntire draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience in business to help business owners and entrepreneurs find success. In his book The 7 Gears of Business, McIntire conveys many of the lessons he has learned over years of starting, running, and selling businesses.

The 7 Gears of Business reads more like a fiction novel than a business book. The fable begins with a strange scene and unknown characters trying to make a deal. As the story unfolds, the reader follows the story of a young CEO who is in trouble. The story’s hero, Jacob Wright, has taken over his father’s business after an unexpected death. He finds that running a large business is not as easy as he thought and struggles in many areas.

Wright finds temporary satisfaction in changes to the business that ultimately lead to the near demise of the family legacy. A last-ditch effort brings clarity and insight to the hero through a process his father wanted to share but never had the chance.

The insights shared throughout the last half of the book are the best takeaways. Jacob Wright’s journey is dramatic, but what he finds will help anyone looking to start and run a successful business. You will see how the seven gears work together to run successful processes in your business. The gears include marketing, sales, fulfillment, management, operations, and finance. The final gear is the most important: the entrepreneur.

The story in The 7 Gears of Business is fictional, but the lessons learned are real and beneficial. Businesses should run as a system with each functional area, interacting with and driving others. One of the best points McIntire shares in this fable is that each area of business impacts the others. A leader must not necessarily understand each functional area in detail, but rather understand how they affect the other gears in the business.

The 7 Gears of Business serves both form and function. It is an engaging story and conveys lessons useful for operating a business, running a department, and leading people. Pick up a copy today and support another local Edmond business! Information about author Chris McIntire can be found on this website, or you can often find him at Vault 405 in downtown Edmond.

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