By Jackie Bell
May 4, 2021

MVP Insurance prevails during pandemic

MVP Insurance shares their successful journey and accolades throughout the pandemic.
Joan Curtis and Brent Brown, owners of MVP Insurance, thrived during 2020 (Photo: <a href="">Brent Fuchs</a>)

We all know that the pandemic affected many businesses throughout the course of 2020, but one small business in Oklahoma City prevailed, winning different awards and achieving all-around growth. MVP Insurance is a business based in Oklahoma City, founded by Joan Curtis and Brent Brown. The small, passionate insurance company provides home and auto, commercial, life, and health insurance.

Adjusting through the pandemic

Though they grew as a whole throughout 2020, the pandemic wasn’t a cakewalk by any means. They, just like many others, had to make the transition from in-person to virtual. Joan shared, “Covid tested our systems. We had to make everything virtual and even go paperless. But, we ended up doubling our numbers.” MVP’s averages were a lot higher than in previous years. What used to be their stretch goal is now a consistent goal, making their new stretch goal even higher.

MVP typically had a lot of vendors visit, but because they were transitioning everything to virtual, they had to adjust training and communication with different vendors through Zoom instead of in person. This transition was challenging, but they didn’t let it hold them back. Their team tripled in size, making it necessary for them to buy a new building, which they were able to do in December 2020. Their new 4,600 square-foot building has plenty of space for their new team, as well as plenty of room for more growth.

MVP’s growth stems from its team, but also from its clients. “People were at home, ready to shop, so I think it made people aware that they had the time to do something they normally wouldn’t have the time to do. They were home, and they took advantage of that,” Joan stated.

Cruising through success

The Smart Choice Leadership Agent Club award MVP Insurance received (Photo Provided)

During the beginning of 2020, MVP gained partnership status with Smart Choice, which is essentially a group of different agencies. They made it to the top 3 in The State of Oklahoma with partnership status—the highest level you can get within Smart Choice. “We are proud of our newest recognition from Smart Choice. We are now Leadership Club with our Managing Group. This is a big deal because we are only the second agency in Oklahoma to reach this partnership status with Smart Choice. We can’t do anything apart from Christ and our amazing team!” Joan exclaimed. This made them eligible for bonuses, trips, and other great opportunities.

A fun trip is exactly what they were awarded and exactly what they needed after their hard work. The trip begins in 2022, a riverboat cruise through the Danube River in Europe. The cruise goes through different European countries such as Romania, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and more. The MVP team will be traveling with 24 other agencies from all over the country, giving them the opportunity to learn and share techniques and successes with each other. “We are in the top 25 in the entire country. It’s a really huge deal. We’re excited to meet people from different businesses around the country and be able to pick their brains,” said Joan.

This was one of the biggest awards they’ve received, but they have also been nominated and awarded for others. One, in particular, was having the honor of being a finalist for the Vision Award for Outstanding Small Business in 2019 with Northwest OKC Chamber.

MVP Insurance is a great example of remaining a successful business despite the pandemic. Covid-19 had a huge impact on small businesses, but fortunately, MVP thrived, expanding their team, buying a new office building, exceeding goals, and gaining new opportunities for continual growth. There are more rewards and opportunities out there, and MVP Insurance looks forward to growing even more and continuing to make a difference in their clients’ lives.

“We love to work with people who want to have a relationship with their agent. The 1-800 numbers are great, but if they want a local agent, we’d love to work with them, to be there, and help serve. We love to help small businesses overcome challenges,” said Joan.

Joan Curtis and Brent Brown, owners of MVP Insurance, thrived during 2020 (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

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