By Staff Writer
March 16, 2021

The Curbing Edge goes outside their comfort zone

Great things never come from staying inside your comfort zone, as one Edmond couple can attest to.
Chase and Lynsey Dalvine, owners of The Curbing Edge (Photo provided)

While you may have never heard the term “decorative concrete curbing,” you’ve likely seen the product in action. It acts as a frame around landscaping. While some homeowners and businesses use relatively cheap-looking plastic edging, property owners who want that polished finishing touch use decorative concrete curbing.

And that’s where a company like The Curbing Edge enters the picture. They work with businesses and homeowners who are frustrated with mulch washing out of their planters or grass and weeds taking over their flower beds. They supply customers with a higher-end permanent edging solution customized to complement the house or building that is easy to maintain.

Talking a walk

For the owners, Chase and Lynsey Dalvine, their future in decorative concrete curbing started by taking a walk. One evening after work, they were walking in their neighborhood when they stumbled upon some decorative curbing at a neighbor’s house.

“I was dissatisfied in my position working for someone else,” Chase shared. “The artistic aspect of concrete curbing intrigued me, as well as making it my own business. After training and working for The Curbing Edge for two years, Lynsey and I bought the company.”

Soon after, Chase and Lynsey decided to make Edmond their permanent home and began building up their business in its current location.

The Curbing Edge owner Chase Dalvine works on a decorative curbing project (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

“Chase is living out his dream of working outside instead of behind a desk,” Lynsey said. “Meanwhile, I’m able to develop client relationships and we both work on building a business that helps our customers and employees.” They both love the freedom, challenges, and continuous learning opportunities that being business owners allows them.

Their favorite aspect of their business is helping their customers overcome frustration, see the difference their work makes and how satisfied their customers are, and build a network with other professionals they can refer work to for other services.

Change communication and other areas

“Through our faith in God, hard work, diligence, integrity, and an intense desire to please people, we’ve been growing The Curbing Edge since 2002,” Lynsey said. But as you might expect, much has changed since they took over the business.

Lynsey shared that communication and the technology involved are probably what has changed the most.

“Communication is very important to us,” Lynsey said. “When we started out, we mostly had phone conversations which allows us to build relationships through personal conversations.” Technology has changed all that. “Now… we have to use different techniques to allow us to keep our customers updated, build their trust, and establish a relationship.”

Lynsey shared that they now use texting, social media, and other forms of electronic communication that they didn’t use back in 2002.

A project completed by the team at The Curbing Edge (Photo provided)

Overcoming challenges

Since the beginning, one of the biggest challenges for the team at The Curbing Edge has been the weather.

“Our installations are dependent on the weather,” Lynsey shared. “It is difficult to continually have to change the schedule due to the weather. We want to be able to tell our customers exactly when we will be there, but sometimes the weather has other plans.”

Naturally, COVID-19 had impacted their world as well. However, they see that as a positive thing.

“Covid has helped us improve our adapting skills,” Chase said, “including our determination to set goals and work toward them, as well as the importance of stepping outside of our business roles to help and support others.”

That view is indicative of how the Dalvines view life and success in general. “Success is being and doing better than the day before,” Chase shared. “Great things never come from staying in your comfort zone.”

Chase and Lynsey Dalvine, owners of The Curbing Edge (Photo provided)

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