By Tim Priebe
August 25, 2020

Four steps to ranking better in Google

SEO can feel overwhelming and complicated if you don't work with a professional. These four steps can help.
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In almost two decades of helping businesses and nonprofits with their digital marketing, I’ve rarely talked to someone who didn’t want to rank higher on Google’s search results. That can feel overwhelming and complicated if you don’t work with a professional. Fortunately, you can take four simple steps to show up higher and better in search engines.

Back in 2011, my team and I started working with Mike Crandall at Sandler Training of Oklahoma. Among other things, we took the content he was already sharing in a classroom setting and turned it into written blog articles and social media posts.

After we’d been doing that for around six or seven years, he started hearing complaints from the Sandler Training offices in Canada. It seems that when anyone searched for Sandler Training in their area, he was showing up instead!

Of course, since we started working with Mike, we have greatly improved our SEO skills and capabilities, and the industry has changed a lot. But the four simple steps we took we took to get that level of SEO success will still work today.

Step 1: Set up social media accounts

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all rank well in search engines. When I search for my company’s name, all three are on the first page of Google. So set up those pages for your organization or invest in having professional help. Be sure to link them back to your website so people will be able to find you.

Step 2: Set up a blog on your website

Most modern website systems—content management systems, or CMSs—have blogging capabilities baked in. Set up a blog on your website. It needs to be on the same domain as your website, but it can be an address like

Step 3: Share your blogs on social media

Sharing your blogs on social media will help your social presence to also rank well on Google. There are tools to do this automatically, or you can do it manually. Blogs make great content for social media when they’re first published and potentially for months or even years afterward, assuming they’re still relevant.

Step 4: Blog frequently and consistently

This step takes ongoing commitment! Start publishing blogs regularly, ideally weekly. Bonus points if you do some search engine research to see what people are searching for, then write on those topics.

Following these steps and sticking with it will help your search engine rankings, especially if none of your competitors are doing it. It takes time and consistency, but most good things do!

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Tim started the Edmond Business online magazine in May 2020 to fill a need in the community when The Edmond Sun shut down and stopped publishing their monthly magazine, The Business Times.