Starting a new chapter

Edmond Business will cover the Edmond area business community in a positive way.

On Saturday, May 2, I was going to bed when my wife, who was already in bed and browsing social media, dropped this bomb on me: “Did you know The Edmond Sun shut down?”

I was immediately struck with a feeling of loss for multiple reasons. First, as a resident of Edmond and the owner of a business that has operated in Edmond since 2003, I was proud to be a part of a city that had Oklahoma’s oldest continuously published newspaper.

Second, I knew some of the staff of The Edmond Sun and was understandably concerned for their future. I’ve since spoken to some of them, and have confidence they will bounce back.

Finally, as a columnist for nearly a decade, I lamented the fact that the shutting down of The Business Times magazine would leave a hole in our business community here in Edmond.

There wasn’t a lot I could personally do about the first two issues. But in the case of the third, there just might be.

Over the course of the next few days, I talked with both my wife and a trusted business advisor. At the end of that week, the morning of Friday, May 8, I launched a holding page at where people could sign up if they wanted to be notified when the new online business magazine launched and also indicate if they were interested in helping. I then shared a very brief post on my personal Facebook account and shared the link to the holding page.

I was blown away by the overwhelming positive response.

Over the course of the next few weeks I interacted with many supporters online, over the phone, and through Zoom calls. I spoke with writers, photographers, marketers, people in PR, past staff of The Edmond Sun, trusted business advisors, people who were interested in advertising, and many more.

Those conversations helped me make many decisions. I decided we were not going to be a hard-hitting news publication, but would focus on informing our readers in a positive way. I decided our revenue would be from advertising — at least initially — and never from paying to access content. I decided to form a new company — still being formed as I write this — and not run this through my existing digital marketing company.

All those decisions came as a result of many conversations with extremely helpful people. I am grateful for each of them sharing their opinions, experience, feedback, and expertise.

If this were a print publication, I would likely not have enough room to thank them by name. Thankfully, that’s not an issue online! So while it’s very likely I will forget some of them, I’d still like share some people I’m thankful for by name.

First, thanks to my columnists, both those that are new and those that came over from The Business Times: Mike Crandall, Stacy Eads, Phil Klutts, Nick Massey, and Davis Merrey.

Second, thanks to my other writers as well that have currently agreed to help and many of whom already have a piece in the first issue: Thomas Berger, David Brandon, Laura Gamble, George Glover, Susan Hoover, Sherry Jordan, Josh Watson, and Brittany Willison.

Thanks to those who have agreed to help with photography: Brent Fuchs and Thomas Berger.

Thanks to Kyle Golding for writing an article for the first issue and being the first to get his article to me. Thanks to Cole Battles and Crystal Oakes for their graphic design help.

Thanks to my initial batch of advertisers who jumped on board more to support me and my idea than anything else: Mike Crandall, George Glover, Philip Gray, Kirsten Land, Kahle Mayfield, and Davis Merrey.

Thanks to former staff of The Edmond Sun who offered advice, guidance, and insight: Mark Codner, Karan Ediger, Steve Paterson, and Lisa Shearer-Salim.

A huge, huge thanks to my editor, Cindy Allen.

And most of all, thanks to my wife—Leann Priebe—for not dismissing this as just another crazy idea, but believing that this was something actually worth pursuing.

My team and I look forward to informing, educating, and uplifting Edmond area businesses and business people that live in the Edmond area.

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About Tim Priebe

Tim is a public speaker, author, publisher of Edmond Business, and the owner of T&S Online Marketing. He helps businesses that are worried they don’t have the expertise or time required to invest in doing their own digital marketing. He helps them plan where and how much to invest and often helps execute the plan.

Tim started the Edmond Business online magazine in May 2020 to fill a need in the community when The Edmond Sun shut down and stopped publishing their monthly magazine, The Business Times.